Protect and Preserve our Maine Quality of Life

I envision Maine as a place where our children can grow up safely and can explore all opportunities to stay and raise a family.

The trend to leave The State to find good jobs once our youth graduate from high school or college needs to be reversed.  We can foster and embrace an economic environment that supports all Maine citizens who want to live and retire here.

We must adjust the Maine Tax Code so it does not force our citizens to move to other States in order to protect their hard earned pensions, retirement resources and life treasure.

Work for Economic Growth in Partnership with Fiscal Responsibility

We need to eliminate the State Income Tax for our residents.

Instead, Maine can expand the sales tax codes so there are fewer exemptions. Why do some products deserve special treatment, or a different tax structure, than other products?

To avoid taxes too many of our citizens seek other States to purchase goods and services.  Why do we have a tax code that incentivizes good people to break the law?

In order to help ease property tax burdens we can adopt and develop incentives for jurisdictions to lower their costs through consolidation of services.

The State must audit each Department and eliminate overspending and waste.

Our State's GDP is not static. By lowering the tax burden we will enjoy real and measurable revenue growth.

Job Creation

Small business can’t compete with welfare to attract employees.

We can adjust welfare so it supports our citizens who are truly in need and allows them a leg up.

We should not continue to see your hard earned tax dollars spent on goods and services that don’t support a healthy lifestyle for the recipients of State or Federal aid.

Let's embrace a welfare system that works towards real independence…rather than a system that supports unending dependence for life.

Educational Excellence for Our Future

Now is the time to look more closely at our schools. As stewards of our future we can develop budgets that put more money into the classrooms and less money into administrations. We should reallocate budgets so as to insure more dollars go directly to educating our students.

We need to allow curriculums to be developed by the teachers,based on the needs of the class room, and not the by Federal mandates where Tests, rather than Overall Performance, are the measurements of excellence and proficiency.